Us Greece Defense Agreement

The United States and Greece shared their views on the Eastern Mediterranean and reaffirmed their belief that maritime boundaries issues should be resolved peacefully, in accordance with international law. In this context, the United States welcomed Greece`s confirmed willingness to cooperate with other countries in the region to reach maritime delimitation agreements through dialogue and in accordance with international law. The United States and Greece also reaffirmed their commitment to closer cooperation as NATO allies, with all the appropriate means at their disposal to preserve stability and security throughout the region. The defence agreement was strongly condemned by left-wing opposition parties. The Greek Parliament on Thursday (January 30th) approved an updated defence agreement with the United States authorizing the use of Greek military installations, with hundreds of people protesting outside. The Trump administration has opposed the enhancement of relations with the NATO member state. “I came to Greece to develop the partnership that is already at the best level ever,” Pompeo said after signing a revised defence cooperation agreement. ATHENS, Greece (AP) – Greek lawmakers on Thursday ratified an agreement with the United States to significantly expand military cooperation due to escalating tensions with neighboring Turkey. “This agreement is beneficial to national interests,” Defence Minister Nikos Panagiotopoulos told Parliament. Greece and the United States have expressed their intention to further improve their strategic defence and security partnership by expanding and deepening the U.S.-Greece cooperation agreement, which was last updated in October 2019 and contributes significantly to the security of both countries. In the next strategic dialogue, the two sides will discuss how they can continue to assist each other in maintaining strong, capable and interoperable military personnel.

“This serves the mutual interest of our defence and our economies,” said Conservative MP Ioannis Lambropoulos before the vote in Parliament. “At a time when we have threats to our sovereignty, we are seeking the support of our allies.” “I welcome the ratification by the Greek Parliament of our updated mutual defence cooperation agreement, a strategic touchstone in our defence relations. Greece is an important NATO ally and we will continue to build on our strong partnership and promote stability in the region,” Pompeo wrote on his personal Twitter account. “This agreement increases the importance (of Greece) in U.S. planning and can contribute to deterrence,” the defense secretary said, adding that U.S. forces are expected to invest more than 12 million euros ($13 million) in the Larissa base and about 6 million euros at Marathi, part of the U.S. base in Souda, Crete. U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo welcomed the ratification by the Greek Parliament of the updated cooperation agreement between Greece and the United States.

From a dictant point of view, inveterate leftists protested Saturday in Athens, deploring a defense agreement that will expand U.S. bases throughout Greece and chanting vigorously: “Americans, murderers of the people.” Greece`s main left-wing opposition party has spoken out in favour of greater defence cooperation with the United States, but its lawmakers did not vote in favor of ratifying the agreement and argued that Athens should first seek to further support the United States against Turkey`s action. For the first time, Greece accepts an indeterminate agreement that does not need to be renewed every year. In return, U.S. forces are expected to expand the base of the Sixth Fleet on the southern Greek island of Crete and create drone bases and permanent helicopter training facilities in central Greece. Foreign Affairs Minister Mike Pompeo signs a revised cooperation agreement and says that relations between