Uber Agreement With Driver

Lyft advises you to use the Lyft platform with a data rate with unlimited or very high data usage restrictions, and Lyft is not responsible for or responsible for any fees, fees or overruns associated with a data tariff you use to access the Lyft platform. While we help drivers and drivers communicate with each other to arrange a pickup, we do not provide your phone number or other contact information with other users. If you report a lost or found item to us, we will try to connect you with the driver or driver concerned, including the communication of the actual contact information with your consent. To be effective, (A) the letter must indicate its intention to opt out of this arbitration agreement with respect to driver claims that are not part of a pending transaction, (B) the letter must contain the name, phone number and email address related to your user account and (C) the email containing the signed letter must be sent within 30 days of the date on which you are executing this agreement. If you do not register within 30 days, you and Lyft are fully bound by the terms of this arbitration agreement (including driver claims that are not part of an pending action). As provided in paragraph 17 (i) above, any opt-out you submit does not apply to driver claims that are part of a pending transaction and your driver`s rights in such a Pending Settlement Action action will continue to be subject to the arbitration provisions contained in Lyft`s current terms of use that you accepted prior to the entry into force of this Agreement. Lyft does not generally guide or control you or your services under this Agreement, including in connection with the provision of Rideshare services, your actions or omissions, or your operation and maintenance of your vehicle. You retain the exclusive right to determine when, where and for how long you will use the Lyft platform. You retain the option to accept or refuse or ignore a Rider`s request for Rideshare services via the Lyft platform or cancel an accepted request for Rideshare services via the Lyft platform, subject to Lyft`s current cancellation policy. With the exception of reports required by law or licensing or licensing requirements, Lyft is not allowed to ask you to display Lyft`s names, logos or colors on your vehicle (s); or b) wear a uniform or other clothing bearing Lyft`s names, logos or colours.