Sou Consortium Agreement

Under this agreement, financial aid is processed by the SOU using joint information from the “Host Institute” (the other institution). Currently, we have consortiums with Rogue Community College, Klamath Community College and Oregon Institute of Technology (only MEd students). Other institutions may be considered and are subject to authorisation. Within the consortium, Klamath Community College, Rogue Community College, the University of Southern Oregon and the Oregon Institute of Technology have teamed up to put students and communities in our region first and pave the way for a prosperous future for all of South Oregon. Please read the form carefully, as you are expected to retain the authorization according to the terms of the agreement. The consortium is seen as a decisive step in preparing students and staff in the region for a rapidly changing future. It was approved by officials, including the governor and the chairman of the Oregon Higher Education Coordinating Commission. For more information about the consortium and its member institutions, see the links in the right column. The consortium was launched in November 2019. This first alliance of Oregon colleges and universities has already resulted in preliminary agreements and efforts to streamline students` educational pathways and meet specific labour needs in southern Oregon.

For some reason, financial aid will not be granted by the two institutions during the same academic period. Harnessing The strengths and collective actions of Southern OregonsThe Testimony for SOHEC Bill HB 3212An Educational Alliance An Educational Alliance – Summer is just waiting for the dual reel to be registered by June 7, 2021. As with other conditions, no late or incomplete forms are accepted. “Together, our joint efforts can create pipelines for highly skilled graduates to enter the workforce and attract new businesses that pay living wages. Southern Oregon will be stronger than ever. DR. ROBERTO GUTIERREZ, PRESIDENT, KCC – In order to defer pre-education loans, minimum enrolment (6 hours) must be maintained in a single institution. The Southern Oregon Higher Education Consortium is a regional education and human resources development center that addresses some of the region`s most dysfunctionious academic problems. The Double Enrollment Consortium form, as found below, allows students to register simultaneously with SOU and another institution and obtain their combined credit load as the basis for determining grant eligibility. Alternate registration forms for 2020-21 must be received in our office until: fall semester – September 14, 2020 winter semester – December 28, 2020 spring semester – March 22, 2021 Summer semester – June 7, 2021.