Similarity And Agreement With So Too Either Neither Exercises

You can say “So have I” and “Weeither I have” to react to present perfect sentences and present perfect continuous sentences. I think Romney is not going to win the US election: – I`m not (informal) – me either. – I do not have my congratulations . You`ve completed the “Neither / Too Quiz.” You can say “So wants I” and “Wei will I” to answer phrases with “will” and “won`t.” Hello Adam, so you can`t use the phrase “I agree” when your friend talks about what he or she likes, right? and if the phrase “I am not informal either, “I do either” and “neither do me” are formal? Hey, Adam! My name is Natalie. Thank you for your lesson! Please give me some advice. Question 10: “I hate people talking on their phones during the movie.” That`s a negative statement, isn`t it? “I hate it” – it`s negative! But in the quiz, the correct answer to these questions is “Me too.” Why is the answer “me neither” wrong? It is interesting to know how to disagree with the negative statements. Good morning, Mr. Adam. question: “I don`t think Canada is very cold. Of course it snows, but the snow doesn`t mean it`s so cold. Agreeing with her, what would probably be the answer? Good morning, Adam.

I have a question. “Neither (either)” has ever used to show that “I don`t agree”? Does it always show that “I agree”? Thank you, Adam. I learned a lot from you. There is another meaning of (either) that is (either). I 🙂 consent…. I do it too, I do it too, I also think I agree with your opinion… I don`t think so, I don`t agree with you either, I think differently, I have 10/10 yes! It is difficult to use these two words (Ni and both), especially in long sentences. Ty The easiest way to agree on English is, “I too” (to accept a positive statement) or “I`m not” (to agree with a negative statement): we can rewrite it: “William doesn`t work there, and neither does John.” But maybe we can rewrite it: “William doesn`t work there, and John doesn`t work there.” – just add “either” at the end of the original sentence. excellent! Thank you, Adam. I have two questions. 1) How do we agree with the negative satatation below? “Vancouver is not one of the most beautiful cities in the world.” I know you can say, “I agree,” but what else? Hey, Adam! I just have a little bit of doubt with the second statement, because I said “me neither,” because I think it`s informal, but I just want to know if it might be possible to answer “either.” Sorry about English, I`m still learning 🙂 Hey, Natalie! Regarding question 10: “I hate people talking on their phones during the movie.

The right answer is: I also hate a pocitive statement and aswering me too, i.e. you hate it too, you agree with a personal statement Hello Adam, you can give me some other examples or phrases on ->me still ->It`s not either ->I`m similar at the end of a sentence, although none is used more often, especially in English.