How we built the Curfew Pass System in less than 6 hours

With the complete lockdown situation that the country faces now, the police department and the states are working hard, trying to control the public and to limit the chances of a community spread.

The novel coronavirus situation has put the whole national administration system in distress, where the officials find it hard to control and track the movement of people. With people wanting to go outside for essential services and some still having to go to work to support the essential services, the curfew pass issuing process would have become more chaotic if it was done manually. 

In light of this situation, GyroMinds team felt it was imperative and crucial to develop a simple digitized and automated curfew pass issuing process for the use of the administration and public. This could help government officials track the number of people commuting daily, and the routes they take. In an alarming situation of this kind, digitization and automation of the systems can reduce and streamline workload that leads to 10x efficiency. 

At GyroMinds, it is our commitment – to bring into action, simple and innovative solutions that can help with this contingency situation faced by today’s governments and administrators. We believe in democratization of technology and thrive in being part of the solution to the challenges the society is facing today. We strongly uphold the social ethos using ideas and initiatives that can bring some sense to these turbulent life situations. 

For us, corporate social responsibility is not just a norm, but a principle that we hold strong in all our relationships, respecting the responsibility and sustainability in every action. This has inspired us to build the perfect solution for this grave requirement in this hour of need.

It was really important for us to develop the software at lightning speed. We quickly evaluated various options and decided to go with Clappia as the best suitable platform for developing the software. Clappia is a no-code customizable solutions platform that allows you to quickly and easily create enterprise-grade customizable solutions and apps. 

Both the teams decided to set-up a war-room over Zoom, the next best thing to meet face to face in a conference room or a coffee shop! Zoom ensured we had a fast-paced seamless collaboration opportunity for our teams. We brainstormed and built the product in less than half a day. The diligence and the perseverance of the team has been so remarkable and so were the results, which were satisfying. 

As we were putting this solution in place, we initiated discussions with officials in governments and governing bodies. We used Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, email and every possible contemporary mode. We were aware that these days the administrators, bureaucrats and government officials are very tech-friendly, and by frequently using them they were up to date via such social media applications. 

Not all of our efforts were a success. Not all our attempts were reciprocated. We also knew that they were extremely busy working day and night, in their own war-rooms and ground-zeroes and were bombarded with harsh realities of these unprecedented challenges. But we were thrilled to be acknowledged and encouraged by some section, with whom we are continuing to engage and work towards exploring technological solutions for today’s evolving situation.

We are especially very proud to announce that the Assam Government has taken up the solution that we had offered. With some “localization’’ and “customization’’ to our quickly deployable solution.  Today, the Cachar district of Assam uses our CivilPass solution, a curfew pass without which commuting is impossible in the district, during the lockdown situation. 

The civilpass will generate a confirmation SMS with the pass number to the requesting citizen via email. The pass can be used either as a ‘personal pass’ or a ‘vehicle pass’. The starting and ending date & time of the journey must be reported correctly in the pass request. Any request which does not adhere to the basic rules of the government will be rejected. 

The requester will have to fill in the ‘cause of the travel’. The drop-down list makes sure that the public does not deviate from standard procedures and expectations. CivilPass makes it easier for the administration to manage and to adhere to the isolation and quarantine needs of a region, as specified by the government. With the extra step of allowing the requester to upload supplementary documents, this solution adds to one more level of validation, to review and issue the curfew pass to the public. 

At present, the need for such a solution has almost become basic and mandatory. The results are evident from the Cachar district (and others) who have implemented such tech solutions, to equip their city to handle such hassles and chaos in a better way, with minimum inconvenience to the public, and being sensible towards catering to the needs of their essential services. 

We see a large potential of such tech solutions to be deployed by different districts and different departments across the country, at this time of need. The police departments and the governments are trying their best to control the spread of COVID19 novel coronavirus pandemic, by taking proven and educated steps. 

With the inevitable situation that might appear to be forcing the public to go out for the basic needs, it is our duty to make the workload on the government and officers a little less by helping them with the pass issuance system which would otherwise be a strenuous task to handle the reality on the roads on hot sunny days. It is also helpful for the public who can apply for passes before they leave their home and commute safely without much anxiety. The only thing that everyone should follow is strict personal hygiene, social distancing, wearing face masks, regular washing and sanitizing of hands, and other things as recommended by authorities and medical associations. 

We strongly encourage and support agencies and institutions to come forward and embrace the latest technology solutions, partner with solution providers in a transparent manner and help the current situation, the society, that includes you, me and the world around us.

Let’s make it a little better for one another in this period of emergency!