Agreement For Hiring Of Machinery

11. The owner`s negligence, delay, leniency, leniency or waiver to enforce the terms of this contract does not affect the owner`s rights under this contract. 9. The tenant is responsible for the installation costs, the replacement of the printing machine that is covered when renting and the payment of taxes, rates or taxes that the central government, the government or a territorial authority charge at any time on the amount or payments to be paid under this agreement. “customer”: the person, business, business or any other organization that hires rental property or buys sale property; 2. When executing these gifts, the tenant pays a sum of Rs………… to the owner as the first payment as rent and during the continuation of this agreement to the owner at his address for the time and without prior request as rent for the rental of said printing machine has the monthly sum of Rs……… the first payment on the………….. Day of………….. and any subsequent payment on the………….. Day of each subsequent month during this period. 10. The tenant fulfils and complies properly with all the conditions of this agreement and the agreements to be respected and pays the owner on time and on time the amounts indicated in point 2 (as well as the aforementioned sum of Rs………….).

so paid on the execution of this agreement as above) in the sum of r………… then. The rent ends and the printing machine in question becomes the property of the tenant and the landlord will transfer and make all his rights, titles and shares in the tenant to the tenant, but until these payments are made, the printing machine remains the property of the owner. 13. The parties to this agreement state that they have fully understood the importance of all the terms, conditions and conditions of this Agreement and that they have accepted and executed the agreement with full knowledge and understanding of the commitments set out in it. Creating a contract allows you to limit your liability and include certain conditions of use (for example.B. Indication of the item that can only be used in indoor spaces) in order to obtain the value of your equipment. With the model for the LawDepot equipment lease, you can specify conditions such as 6. If the tenant is late, in payment in due course of the monthly amount he must pay for the rental of the printing machine in question, is late or if a bankruptcy contract is entered into against him, or if he meets with his creditors or if he makes an act or a case, in the or after which the printing machine in question is executed in the context of a legal proceeding or a public authority or does not pay taxes or increases to the government or public authority that are due to the printing machine in question, or that do not comply with and meet the conditions of this agreement, which must be respected and implemented in turn, or if the tenant does, or does, or authorizes or must undergo it. , if the owner`s rights of this printing machine may be compromised or threatened, the owner may decide to hire without notice and it is therefore legitimate for the owner to take possession of the printing machine in question and, for this purpose, in or in premises where the same can be kept, and the provision of the judgment under this clause does not have the right of the owner to recover the money owed by the landlord or damages for violation of this agreement.